Jag har fått den stora äran att ställa några frågor till Guy Cihi (röstskådisen och mocap artisten till James i SH2)

Som ett stort Silent Hill fan så är jag riktigt stolt över att ha fått denna möjligheten.

Q: How did you get the job as a voiceactor in SH2?

A: It was just a lucky twist of fate. My 10 year old daughter asked me to take her to an audition at Konami. She had read a notice posted at her school saying that Konami was looking to hire a young girl to play a role in a new Playstation game. While I was waiting for my daughter to do her audition, I noticed a copy of the SH2 script lying on a coffee table. I had studied acting in college and also performed in community theater so I was curious. I was also interested in learning more about virtual reality technology. I asked the Konami people if they would let me audition for the part of James. I never thought for a minute they would give me the part; I just wanted to audition for the fun of it. They said that they would let me try because they hadn’t decided the actor for James yet. Three months later Konami called me to say that I got the part. At first, I didn’t remember who they were and what they were talking about. It’s a funny thing but, I later learned that Dave Schaufele (Eddie) got his part the exact same way – he also took his daughter to audition for the part of Laura.

Q: You did complete Mocaping as well for James right? Silent Hill 2 was one of the first game that incorporated Mocap, how was it to work that way?

A: Yes, I did the mocap for James; all of the actors in SH2 did their own mocap work. From my perspective, I think of my performance in SH2 as character development rather than voice-acting. The reality is that I spent about three months performing live on stage in front of cameras, whereas the final voice recording work took only three days. Relatively speaking, the amount of work I did for the recordings was minimal. Each of the actors created and refined their emotions and mental-physical contexts by performing the roles live on stage. That is why our vocal performances are well-matched to the body language and the context of each cut-scene.

Q: Have you worked for other franchises as a voiceactor?

A: Yes… but not game franchises. For example I did the narration for a series of adventure travel programs and some of these can be seen on my YouTube channel at GCNavigator. Acting is a passion for me; not a regular job. My usual work is to start new companies. Sounds cool, right? But the hours are very long and my paydays are very spread out. Sometimes I go for several years without a payday. It’s not work for the faint of heart.

Q: Regarding the HD-Collection, im sure that you’ve gotten this question a thousand times already but im sure that many of our readers that are Silent Hill fans is really confused of what really happend regarding the re-release of Silent Hill 2 in the HD-collection, can you please tell me what really happend since we in Sweden havent heard anything about the controversy.

A: Konami wanted to re-release SH2 and SH3 in an HD Collection but they didn’t fully own the rights to the original actors’ performances. Rather than pay the original actors a reasonable fee for the re-use, they decided to re-record the voices with new actors located in the USA. When loyal SH2 fans heard about it many of them became quite upset. Soon after the first sample of the new voices was released two videos were posted on YouTube. The first was a direct voice comparison and the second was a parody of the new voices. Both of these videos went viral and the result was worldwide anger over the replacement voices. Konami then started rumors that Guy Cihi should be blamed for forcing Konami to change the voices because he was demanding additional compensation that was not part of his contract. (I felt really bad about all that.) Not only was it totally false but it was also mean spirited. After giving it some careful thought, I decided to contact all the other SH2 actors and ask them to join me in giving away our rights to additional compensation. Despite the rumors that Konami spread, all loyal fans should understand that additional payments are standard practice in Japan for re-releases of successful games. Happily the original actors agreed to join me in giving up our rights and, as a result, Konami was forced to put the original voices back into the HD Collection. It was only due to the powerful fan reaction that Konami agreed to do the right thing. Trust me, they never would have done it if they weren’t deeply concerned over the fans’ negative reactions. The original cast and I very much appreciate the loyal fans who taught us that SH2 is much more than just a game. Giving up our rights for the integrity of the SH2 legacy was the right thing to do.

Q: Have you thought about doing more voiceover work? Maybe for other games or movies? Since your role as James Sunderland created a whole new branch in gaming, Silent Hill 2 is the first game according to many where video games as a media could be acknowledged as art.

A: I have been keeping busy doing my regular work in venture capital but, who knows, maybe someday I will have the opportunity to do more acting work. I would enjoy that!

As a last note i would like to tell you that you should know that i including many fans are on your side especially since that there are several Silent Hill actors that hasn’t been paid properly even after all these years. So im glad that you are bringing this subject up to air so the world will give you and the other actors complete acknowledgement for the great job that you’ve done. I hope that Konami will make the right thing soon.

Big thanks to Guy Cihi for the interview: http://www.facebook.com/guy.cihi

Om ni vill se de “virala klippen” som Guy pratade om i intervjun så finns de här:

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