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Q: How did you get the role as Henry Townshend?

I did the motion capture and voice of Henry. I first auditioned for the
motion capture. They gave us an early version of the speech Henry gives
when he first meets Eileen. I really wanted to do this, so I went to the
audition 2 hours early and I memorized the speech.
They also had us improvise by telling a ‘scary story’. I remembered the time I had been
travelling through Thailand.

I went to an area called Sukhothai, which has
some of the oldest ruins in all of Asia. The entire area, just had this
heavy feeling of death about it, like thousands must have died there, even
though I don’t know that there is such a history to the place.
I was staying in some cheap traveler’s lodge. It was morning, I was laying
in bed, and I was just about to get out of bed. When I woke up I noticed
that there was this old lady hunched over who was digging through my
backpack. I laid there pretending to be asleep, and just watched her.
My heart started pounding and I decided I would in a moment jump up and rush
Well I did just that, only to find the old lady had disappeared. My door
was locked. I even checked under the bed. No old lady….?

This was impressive to the directors, so they had me in to do Henry. They
had been debating wither or not to do the voices in Tokyo or America, they
decided to stay in Tokyo at which point they said they liked what we had
been doing with Henry so would I please stay on to do the voice.

Q: How was it do be sunk deep into the dark world of Silent Hill which is
known for their deeply realistic and emotional characters ?

I’m all about sinking into darkness, but I received the script only just
shortly before we set to record everything, I didn’t have much time on preperation. Motion
capture, and sound were both recorded in very flat dismal looking studios.
There was only the imagination to create the ideas and images of walls of
blood that breathe, and ghosts that protrude from ceilings and walls.
I did my best to terrorize myself, which can be difficult as well, I like
this kind of stuff. I walk through graveyards at night all the time. If
you are like me then you are attracted to the dark worlds of Silent Hill or Tetsuo, so
the challenge becomes, how can I make it darker then this, darker then what I
like and is a pleasure for me? I think fear, is probably the most difficult emotion to
produce as an actor, because what is are really afraid of? I skydive, I
like to stand at the edge of the roof looking down. The place of real fear is found
in something completely unnatural, like in the works of H.P.Lovecraft.

Q: How was it to work with Team Silent? ive heard from other Silent Hill
actors that they gave the actors large freedom in how they wanted to act out
their respective characters. How did the Sh4 recording process look for you?

Team Silent, was well pretty silent, they generally were quite reserved,
perhaps other actors describe that as freedom. I think on SH4 there were a
few changes in the staff from who had worked on 1-3, and it was even considered to launch SH4 as a
non-Silent Hill title. I had definitely tried my best to understand and move exactly in the manner as the
directors had wanted. In general I’m a pretty serious person, but on-set I am even more serious
person about work and what we are creating. I know once this is set down how much it can inspire the fans who
love it, and how others may go through it piece by piece and dissect it or analyze it. In
our childhood we might have had a book we read, or a movie we saw, and we always remember that and it
influences us through the rest of our life. Anything I work on, game, movie, or TV show has the
potential to become that, so I take it very serious.

Q: I love your performance in SH4 and wonder, how is your relation to the
game today? Do you often get questions about your part in SH4?

Yes I do, I am surprised about that, because SH4 was released in 2004, eight
years ago. The game market is one where they are constantly putting out new
games, so I would expect people would move on to the new game and forget about the old. And the
technology changes, people want to see the newest graphics, and something that was a step beyond the last
generation. If people return so often to SH4 then it only shows the success of the game, and how much of
an impact it had on those people’s lives.

Q: Since its hard to track down japanese tv-shows here in europe Ive only
seen you act in the Tetsuo movie. Im a big fan of that movie and you act
excellently in dark and twisted stories in my opinion. How is your plans for
the future? Do you have any more interesting movie/game roles coming up?

Well you know about my facebook page Robert, and in the video tab I have
some video there from some projects maybe you didn’t see in Europe. In
October of 2011 I had motion captured out a fantasy based game that has a very strategic play, I
did the main character and all his sword play and fatalities. It looks to be a fantastic game that the game
makers tell me will rival Assassin’s Creed, it will come out in 2013. Well they didn’t even tell me
the title of the game! So I don’t even have much to tell you about it.

On my own I have written a script for a feature film that I would like to
make, with me as actor and possibly director as well. The script is now
moving into translation, and through this year I will continue to approach producers and companies in trying to
get it made.

As I said above, I also contact directors and producers in different
countries around the world to promote my acting works. I would love to do
more fantasy roles anywhere in the world. Last year I was in Europe for 2 months working on building
connections, and I think I will be again later this year. I really love Europe, I want to spend more time there
which is why I have been focusing on promoting there. Anyone reading this now who has a job to offer me should
contact me.

Thank-you for your interest and support, and may darkness be the way to

Big thanks to Eric Bossick for giving me the opportunity to talk to him. Please visit his facebook page for more information about Eric and his work. Eric’s Facebook-page

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