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Q: What is your tool lineup when you are gig’in? Do you use several Gameboy’s etc?

I use two gameboys and my guitar into a mixer. Pretty standard stuff. Only one gameboy is playing at a time but I have one gameboy loading up a tune while the other is playing. This avoids gaps in the music. This is where a lot of people think I “DJ” live, but this is entirely not the case. For one: I don’t beatmatch so tempos are usually all over the place. I prefer ambient/noisy walls of sound in-between songs instead! Another thing is that some people have thought in the past that I am finding game soundtracks and just playing guitar over top. Absolutely not. This is all completely original music-save for the occasional live cover which is only something I like to do to inspire myself further!

As with recording, I’m also looking to expand my live rig. I have lots of big ideas involving my laptop, guitar, the gameboys, and live looping. Ableton Live is a huge inspiration for ideas like this and it’s only a matter of time before I feel my live show is taken to the absolute next level!

Q: I really love your album “the teaching machine.” What are your plans for the future? Would you maybe consider printing “the teaching machine” on cd or vinyl maybe? And how is the plans for a new album?

Thank you so much! Lots of big news to come soon. I’m always working on new material. Right now I have this twisted idea of composing a ton of new material and doing some kind of multi-release concept, but I don’t want to get too ahead of myself. After something like that is taken care of I’d really like to re-release The Teaching Machine as some type of Deluxe version with live instrumentation on top. This is something I’d definitely be interested in hard pressing, too. Undecided on vinyl, but that always sounds like a fun idea.

Q: Last, but not least, what is your influences? Music or gamewise.

I am influenced by all kinds of music, from video games to Top 40 pop. But to keep matters simple and within the electronic world, Warp Records has always been a consistent source of inspiration. Especially now since they have people like Battles on there. But more than music, I am highly influenced by Psychology. I studied Psychology for six years for a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree mostly because I would always be able to take some psychological concept as a pool of musical inspiration. I feel that in composing mostly instrumental music, direct messages are more difficult to express to the listener. With lyrics, it’s easy to tell a story-you just use the language. But without words, people tend to gravitate towards environments and objects as sources of inspiration instead. Space, electronics, and futurism are not uncommon topics and “The Teaching Machine” is certainly no exception to these examples. However, I like to think that my direction is about to go a little deeper than that by primarily focusing on the mind and all of its intricacies, known or unknown. Paranoia, neuroticism, and human behavior are just appetizers for what I’m about to put on my plate of inspiration. I could not be more excited about it.

Big thanks to An0va for taking the time to be a part of this interview!

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