DUST, dessa fyra bokstäver som genom associationer skapar otroligt mycket pepp och eufori inom mig. DUST är nämligen en kommande film som finansieras genom kickstarter.com.

Läs mer om filmen här: DUST’s kickstarter sida

Jag kommer att garanterat skriva mer om DUST här på Megazine de kommande veckorna, men så länge så kan ni ta del utav en kortare intervju som jag genomförde med Mike och Josh Grier.

Q: Hi, can you please tell our readers abit about your upcoming movie

Mike Grier, Director: Dust is a short film structured as a small piece of a much larger
world. The larger world we created depicts a universal struggle: the loss of a traditional
way of life as people migrate to cities in search of modern comforts and livelihood.

The story’s central character, Irezumi is a Tracker living in the abandoned outskirts of
Kabe, a large industrialized city. A merchant from the city’s underground medicine trade
enlists Irezumi to help find the source of a mysterious dust that has begun falling on
the city. The dust has been linked to a deadly new plague devastating the countryside
and the merchant is looking for a cure. The city of Kabe is preparing to shut its gates,
denying refuge to anyone outside its’ walls. With the city preparing for lock-down, our
two main characters embark on a dangerous journey into the countryside in search of
the source. What they find raises more questions than answers.

Our intent from the start was to tell a story that would resonate with audiences; one
set in a fantasy world that was believable and authentic. To accomplish this we would
have to create a high quality VFX intensive film on a very limited budget. As we enlisted
the help of other artist, the project became a highly collaborative effort. We completed
guerilla shoots in Shikoku (The Tibet of Japan) and Big Sur California. With the help
of volunteers we constructed some amazing sets at Chapman University.
Once we completed principle photography and watched the first few edits, we knew the film was
very special. We are currently raising funds on Kickstarter to complete post production.

Q: You in the DUST team decided to fund the movie through
kickstarter.com. Its a fairly new way to fund Projects through. How did you
decide to use kickstarter instead of other funding methods.

Josh Grier, Producer: Our desire to share the Dust experience was a big factor. In
order to complete Dust we knew we would need some financial support and felt the
Kickstarter model embodied the collaborative mindset that had become such a big part
of Dust. Several years ago, we created the visual effects for Turbo, a student film.

Turbo became very popular with the internet community and was screened at Comic Con in
2009. We received accolades from all over the world for our visual effects work and
realized what we could accomplish on a limited budget. In many ways, the response
to Turbo from the online community encouraged us to try to complete Dust without
outside funding.

Q: The plot and universe surrounding DUST seems really exotic when
comparing to the way that most movies are made today. What was the
inspiration for the backstory?

Mike: There were several things that influenced and inspired the world of Dust. The
amazing beauty of the Japanese landscape was certainly a major factor. My love of
games and fantasy also influenced the world and the images that I chose to represent
it. But, I think the most important influence was the striking contrast between the
traditional Japanese way of life and the large urban areas like Osaka and Tokyo. The
traditions of Japan are very close to nature.

As in many ancient cultures there is a reverence, a spiritual respect for the land. Urban areas have a very different kind
of human energy and mindset. This phenomenon is happening all over the world as
cultures are industrialized and I wanted to capture that.

Q: When is the estimated release for DUST? And how can the film be bought?
(outside of kickstarter funding that is)

Josh: If our Kickstarter campaign is successful, the release date will be in the first
quarter of 2013. If not, we will have to try to find other funding alternatives and it
may be a long time before we complete the film. We don’t know how we’ll be selling
Dust outside of Kickstarter. We plan on entering film festivals and hopefully expanding
upon the concept in the future. We are open to any medium that allows our viewers to
continue exploring the world of Dust including feature film, an episodic series or even a
game experience.

Den här filmen är otroligt intressant och det vore en motgång för 2012-talets filmbransch om inte filmens produktion genomfördes. Så gå gärna in på deras kickstarter sida och ge vad ni kan! Allt för att sprida bra kultur

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