I got the opportunity to get a interview with the talented producer Monsieur Adi. He has with excellent remixes and inspiring originals started to build a big fan-base around the world and he is one of the producers that are helping progressive house and the “french” sound to get a larger audience.

I highly recommend browsing through his Soundcloud or his Facebook-group.

Monsieur adi

Can you tell our readers abit about yourself?

I’m 26, from Paris, and a former design student that got into making music for fun. I did have some classical training on the piano and violin as well as voice.

How did you start producing?

I started producing music by entering remix contests. I lost some and I won some, but I loved making sounds. I stuck with it and it’s really cool to see where I’ve gotten to making music full time, something I never imagined to do.

What are your musical influences?

I’m heavily influenced by many genres of music, so I can love Vivaldi at the same time as Daft Punk, both huge influences. I would consider Björk an important influence on me as she caused me to think differently about music and the way to combine sounds. I like hip hop and rock as well so I am all over the place with my influences !

How is the workprocess when you are working on a new song?

When I am working on a new song, I go to my keyboard and start playing with melodies and ideas. It’s definitely a process of feelings and intuition. I really like it that way.

What is your favorite achievement of your career so far?

Favourite achievement .. hum. Really hard to say right now as there’s a lot of things going on in the background that are great, but I can’t talk about just yet. I guess it will be that I have gotten to remix some amazing artists officially !

How is the workprocess when you are working on a remix? How does it work on publishing a remix? do you need the artist permission do post it on soundcloud for example?

When I work a remix, I generally look for an alternative way to interpret a song. I don’t feel the need to always make a dance remix, even if that is what gets people going. In these days, a large portion of the remixes I am doing are official ones so the labels will handle the publishing and release. For remixes I do just for fun, I just put them on Soundcloud to share and hope everyone is okay with it, which they usually are.

There are so many software’s and gadgets nowadays to use when producing eletronic music, how is your setup when producing and when performing live?

Exactly ! There are a lot of great things available, but I try to keep it minimal because when you have too much stuff, I think it can easily become cluttered and overwhelming that it can hinder the creative process. I just work with Cubase and Ableton as software with an assortment of VSTs. For gadgets, I’ve got a MiniNova keyboard, which is great, and Rocktron Banshee Talk Box. I have also an AKG C214 mic for when I need to record some live instruments or vocals.

Your career seemed to go up very fast, how did you get discovered?

It may seem fast, but I have been working at music for about 5 or 6 years – very hard for me to believe ! I think it has been with doing the right remixes at the right time. I guess you can say I’ve been lucky and I’m thankful I’ve lasted even this long !

You have made many remixes now that is loved by many, have any of the artists given you any feedback for your work?

Yes ! Ellie Goulding said she loved my remix of “Guns And Horses” so much that she nearly cried. That’s wonderful. I received the same response from Phildel ! Several of the artists and their teams have expressed their love of my work and that’s actually what makes it worth it. I love it when I can make someone happy (or cry in a good way) from my work !

What is your plans for the future?

I hope to have some new singles and / or EPs out with an album out by the end of the year. Let’s hope this becomes true ! Other than that, I hope to keep remixing more artists that I admire. We will see !

Big Thanks to Monsieur Adi for giving us the time for a interview! I encourage you all to take alook at his work if you want to hear something innovative and interesting electronic-tunes!

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