We are living in a time were smartphone’s has more computing power then the average home computer had 10 years ago. Yet the different appstore’s is plagued by endless Candy Crush saga-knockoff’s, and do not forget that the internet have more “endless runners” than there are actual (human) runners at the moment.
Might be abit of an exhaggeration but it’s quite depressing to see this literal supercomputer’s laying mostly inactive in our pockets only to be used when needed for some “EXTREME” tasks such as Facebooking or the 100-millionth stage in that new swipe-puzzle game.

The hope in finding interesting and endearing mobile games in the year 2016 is mostly dead when looking at the roster provided by the large developers. Let’s take a look at two more surprising new contender’s.

Retro Games:

I find it exhilirating to see that many game companies find it profitable to take old titles (often first found on the pc/mac platforms) and re-releasing them on mobile platforms.
Max Payne, Tomb Raider, Prince of Persia, Asteroids. And also titles that were quite underappreciated or rare when first released (this often regards point-and-click titles) like I have no mouth and i must scream and Sanitarium.

Indie Titles: Most large game companies dont even try to utilize the power of modern smartphones but Indiependent game devs are often undercredited for being able to port their, often new game titles to mobile devices.
The Banner Saga, Papers Please, Sword and Sworcery and X:Com Enemy Within.
Sure, these titles may not be the next contenders for “technical innovation of the year” but they actually manage to complete the task of being almost a 100% exact port of their computer-counterparts.


There is so, so much more than the ordinary, brainless “One touch-control free-to-play” games when looking at mobile gaming today.

I want the option to be able to play story-driven or technical challenging games on my android-phone.
Since the trend seems to be heading towards a more mobile focused future in gaming i hope sincererly that the “big house developers” soon discover that there is a honor in trying to bring forth a game developed with the same respect, blood, sweat and tears as with ordinary triple-A titles.

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