I’ve long been a fan of a special genre that are yet to be named.

You know the type of movies that the “elevator-pitch” is that the entire movie revolves around a few, if not only one single character.

“Buried”, “Cube”, “The Martian”, and “Moon”.
Besides that the fact these movies have very few actors in them they also have a common ground that basicly the whole story takes place in one isolated place.

Hearing that a full budget AAA-style movie was developed with two of the most hyped actors right now. All set in a sci-fi setting was  enough to get my hyped.

The problem started with the trailer for the movie, i should just learn to NOT EVER SEE A MOVIE TRAILER AGAIN. Because Passengers was according to the preview-trailers and the entire promotion campaign setup to be a sci-fi thriller set in a isolated space. Which partialy is true, atleast in about 15% of the total screentime.

Chris Pratt plays the role of Jim Preston. A engineer that is one of the passengers of a spaceship that is bound on a 180 year voyage to the planet of¬†“Homestead Colony”. The spaceship handles more than 5000 people but due to the long journey all of the humans aboard are in hibernation-pod. But due to a hardware failure onboard Jim wakes up to see that no-other that the onboard AI and one android onboard are asleep. He soon discovers that the hibernation-pod’s are unable to put you back to sleep.

Here is were my problems with the movie begins. The movie wants to tell you that the ship have technology that can handle just about anything. Without going into spoiler territory i can say that there are ALOT OF STUFF that Jim are able to do with the technology in the movie that are we unplausible that having a hibernation-pod that are able to get you back to sleep. Due to different reasons Aurora Lane (Played by Jennifer Lawrence) soon wakes up just to find herself in the same dire situation as Jim.

Instead of making the movie show the emotional isolation and downfall that they should have, it instead becomes a two hour long rom-com with extremly predictable outcome.

The actual plot that the promotion is trying to push forth in that the ship becomes more and more damaged and it is up to our two “heroes” to save the 5000 sleeping humans onboard. That plot, the plot that we were supposed to care about from the start only took about 30 minutes of the entire movie. And that halv an hour was filled with moments that are so farfetched that every single sci-fi movie released in 2016 have more belivable plot than this.

Passengers is a missed opportunity where the emotional moments are mostly taken by Chris Pratt, who cannot act forth dark feelings if his life depended on it. Jennifer Lawrence have some really good moments in this movie where she actually acts as one would in her situation. But the good moments end to soon just for her to get back to a brainless “female lead rom-com style”.

Do not see this piece of crap. The movie have some good moments but the bad ones are to many.

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