The massive cult-hit “The Room” is a behemoth among b-movie lovers. For a long, long time fans have waited for the two leads: Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero to star in a full length movie yet again.

Finally we will see these two together again on the silver screen.

Best Friends, stylized as Best F(r)iends. Is certainly a mishmash of different genres. The trailer promises a feeling of isolation, surrealism, psychological horror and comedy. However the movie i saw gave another impression.

The edition of the movie i saw was a pre-screening. They were clear that this cut of the movie was not the final cut.

The trailer that is available online is directed by Gary Fong and is truly a homage to creators such as David Fincher or David Lynch. As he captures the type of special kind of “thriller”-spirit in the footage as those names as usualy associated with.

However the full length movie i saw was directed by Justin MacGregor. A name who was new to me prior to this movie. However he managed to keep most of the unreal, surrealism that i so much sought after.
But the thing is, this was a pre-screening after all. And this cut was far from perfect.

The movie felt slow and sluggish during some exposition-scenes in the second act. There were some dialogues that could be shortened and the pacing needs to be tightened, to match the excellent pacing that the first and third act gave. The introduction gave a real surrealistic, black comedy that soon turned into a more creepy. Almost thriller-esque feeling. I do really hope that the middle part of the movie gets a re-visit in the editing-room before the final cut.

It’s hard to talk to much about the movie without spoiling it. But the only part of the plot i want to give away is that Greg Sestero plays Jon. A drifter, whom without any real explanation travel from spot A to spot B. Without any clear goals. Just carrying his ironic and parodic signs in which he begs for money in different ways. His clothes are tattered and bloody. He meets Tommy Wiseaus character. Harvey, a lonely mortician who also does incredibly wierd and wonderful rubber masks. Masks taking their likeness from different people he meet, or different people he “works with”. Harvey do however have a peculiar hobby. A hobby of which Jon soon finds out. To large consequences.

Also, without any intention to spoil a single thing. The ending is problably one of the most confusing, entertaining, and mindblowing endings i have seen in a long, long time. The movie is without a doubt worthy a watch just to see the ending.

Also worth noting. The movie plays huge homage to “The Room”. So be prepared to see alot of different easter eggs showing love to the old classic.

Best F(r)iends is currently showing in it’s pre-screening cut all around the world. Most of the screenings are taking place in wierd, peculiar and small cinemas. Most screenings also have either Tommy Wiseau, Greg Sestero or both on site.

Do not miss this amazing, groundbreaking. Yet so familiar take on the B-Grade cinema.

For more info. See the official Facebook-site.

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