Instead of writing long reviews that never get’s published i will try a new format. Song of the day. A small review of a song that may or may not lead to a album review further on. 

Oxbow: Words can’t describe how much i love the album Thin Black Duke. The reference to David Bowie is obvious. The whole album has a common thread that tells the story that is not to be described. It is to be felt. 
The whole album has an almost bipolar outlook on reality, there is light there is darkness. Often intertwined. The song Other People is the perfect gateway drug to the album, even though it’s the second to last song. Which can be felt. Feelings of anxiety, fear of what the future will bring, yet some kind of hope. Maybe it’s my own feelings that get’s projected onto the song’s (true meaning). Maybe i don’t get the meaning behind the song and the album. But to me Other People perfectly describes the album as a whole. It’s the story of a life that was hard to live. Full of optimism, luck, joy, depression. Or maybe i have just missunderstood everything. Damn, i think i have to re-review the whole album someday.

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