So i got the opportunity to see the new music video from Three days from retirement. A Edinburgh act so far unknown to me. So i went into the video with a completly blank slate on what to expect. The only thing i knew beforehand was that the song is dedicated to a friend to one of the bandmembers. A dear friend that battled her whole life with mental health.

Something that is unusual to post-rock in general is a backstory. A good post-rock song projects your own story, your own thoughts, feelings and emotions. This is one of the few times i have heard a post-rock song with an outspoken theme behind it. With the theme as a overall backbone you have the beautiful anime-style music video. The visuals are amazing but are unfortunatly scrambled and don’t have the strength to help build the experience that the theme and the song otherwise do.The visuals feels just like visual when they could have been used as a tool to further develop the story. There are some scenes that gives fragments on the story the bands want to tell. But these are just fragments. I for one would have rather seen a music video handled with this much grace and perfection, but with a ongoing story. Rather than just different “amazing visuals”. 

As for the song itself. The overall feel is that it’s in the same dreamy vibe of post-rock such as: “Explosions in the sky and Dorena”. With tremolopicking drenched in reverb and delay. Long, outdrawn drums and a steady bass that is high up in the mix. The thing that makes me fall instantly in love with the band however is the including of fingertapping and other styles of guitar playing that is most often just found in math-rock. Three days from retirement are so far one of the few band i have heard that mixes the really “wall of sound”-heavy style of post-rock with the energetic, hyperactive math-rock fingerpicking.

As a person living with several diagnosis such as ADD, i really love the fact that the band dedicated the song to a person struggling with mental issues. Without really making the composition to sad. The song have structures of intertwining sadness, darkness, light, happiness, respect, love and yearning.

It is truly a beautiful song, a song that is hard to compare with others of the same genre. And having in mind that this band is still young, we have so, so much more good to look forward to from them. 

Making a song that have so much emotion in it, so many things to say. It is one hard task. Three Days from Retirement made it. This is like balm for the soul, for one who knows the struggle of living with mental issues, for someone who knows the pain of losing someone you love.

A thing i truly hope of a recurring use in animation regarding the music videos, but with a thread in the story that connects to the actual song itself. 
The song itself is beautiful and one i look forward to hearing at post-rock festivals the upcoming summer.

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