After falling in love with the song “Mandy” the first single from the upcoming album. Released some weeks ago i knew i had to give the rest of the upcoming album a chance.

The latest album from Three Days From Retirement called “Empty Chinese Cities” is something recognizable if you know your post-rock. Yet something completly new. That is why i will try to go into each song deeper and release a post everyday until the albums release on saturday the 9’th November.

First up is the track titled after the album itself.

Named after a phenomena (which hugely simplified) is a result of China booming in terms of economy the last decades. The government then proceeded to mount huge cities. Made for millions and millions but without the actual inhabitants. The houses and apartments being sold are more than often bought as an investment rather than for actual housing. Which creates gigantic cities that few actually lives in. 

Searching for a purpose.

Three subjects all relatable to post-rock in general.
So how do this track build on the theme that i found somewhat constant throughout the album?
The depletedness in an existance always craving more, but are always hindered by an internal och external factor. 

“Empty Chinese Cities” is a beautiful piece reminiscing of likeworthy works of some of the finest instrumental acts in cinematic post-rock.

Explosions in the sky is always the front for this type of music. Upbeat, positive. But with a constant element of sorrow, confusion or tiresome feelings that we as humans are mostly going to have to learn to live with.

Life is beautiful but contains pain. And pain is a needed piece of the puzzle.

“Empty Chinese Cities” is a great song. But by far not my favorite on this album. I guess that spoils a bit of what is coming in the later tracks. 

Buy the album on November 9.

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