Ok, this is a hard one. 

Hard to be objective every time but the matter of fact is that this song actually made me tear up at the first listen. 

Starting of with a “japanesque”-arpeggio is a artistic choice compared to trying to paint your “Magnum Opus” with a type of brush that is invented earlier the same day. Somewhat of a texture that feels fresh yet so, so, so traditional.

This song makes me want to dance

Is the first thing that comes to mind. 
But like my ADD-brimmed brain the colors of the melody keeps constantly changing. From utter joy and clarity to uncertainty.

I get flashbacks from some of the toughest periods of my life, how i felt when i went through it. 

When i thought it was going to get better.

But still had ways to go. Still had depth’s to fall. 

Only to get a jolt of optimism and fighting spirit. “I CAN DO THIS”.

 “My worst enemy resides inside of my head”.

Mental issues. Depression, Anxiety…

Deep issues that we are never meant to talk openly about. But Joe of “Three Days” told me that there are underlying themes of mental issues throughout some of the songs. On Mandy for example. There is so much importance to have a open conversation about how we feel. Not only physical ailments but also emotional… We are not alone. Whatever  troubles you. You are not alone.

This song…

Clare and Her Secret Life of Daydreams know how it is.

This song… Explains more about living with constant anxiety than most doctors ever can. This song is very important to me. It makes me feel that i am not alone.

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