I have a soft spot for echo and tremolo-picking

Three Days From Retirement are releasing their upcoming “Empty Chinese Cities” this saturday. Since i loved the album so much i will (try) to cover every song in detail as much as i can.

Every album, no matter genre. Be it either Jazz, Death Metal, Folk-Pop or Electronic. Every full length album usually have that one song that are pure outlet. That burst of pure emotion.

It’s not about speed or tempo. Think of it as a song that is not the hardest to perform (of what i heard so far from their capacity), nor the longest track they’ve made. It is all about energy that is transferred from the performer to the patron.

“Energy Always Lives Forever” is that song to this band. A song that is not the strongest in recording. But it will excel most else during a live performance. ‘

It did not leave as much impact as some of the strongest on this release, “Clare” is hard to beat for example.

 I look forward to a extended arrangement of “Energy”, if i ever will get opportunity to see Three Days From Retirement perform that is, i totally can imagine this being a song where the band can completely improvise on the structure and the soundscape of the song. They can totally let the muscle memory do the work, turn of their brain and just let the sounds take over their body. You know, that one time where the entire venue goes out of their mind of excitement? A song meant to be performed live and it’s in this setting that the song will be experienced at its full capacity.

A good song but my least favorite (so far that is).

In a analytical state it’s hard to go into detail exactly how this phenomena is created. The only thing i know is that “Energy” is meant to be felt. Not to be overtly analyzed. Hence i guess i failed to fully describe what exactly the meaning behind this song is, nothing other than. “It is meant to be felt”.


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