The end of one of my favorite releases this year.

“Mr John” is a song that somehow sums up one of my favorite album-releases of 2019. Three Days is a band that has shown that they have talent in writing intricate post-rock anthems. They know how to make massive soundscapes as well as melodic compositions. Few songs on this album have shown such a “complete image” of what this band is capable of as this track.

Clare is still by far my favorite song by this band.

But you should not hear it as your introductory tune. You know, that one song that you show your friends when you want to introduce them to a new band or artist.

“Mr John” is this song. It’s the easiest to ‘get into’ if you are new to the genre. It has all the building blocks of a good post-rock anthem. But it is done with that tiny, special detail that makes this band special. The highpitched-guitar picking, long drony. Yet positive waves of sonic energy. That underlying element of sadness, that one puzzle piece that is missing for you to become complete. Like i said previously. Three Days From Retirement is one of the few modern post-rock act’s that actually have impacted me emotionally. And “Mr John” is no exception.

Like i said, regarding Three Days From Retirement’s future. “Mr John” is the first song you need to listen to. But it may not be the song that will make you fall in love with the band.

Overall. To sum up “Empty Chinese Cities”. It’s quite weird to find out that this band are still relatively fresh. There have been way larger names in the scene that have had a hard time living up to this quality.

I really loved this record. It’s not yet perfect, but it gives me so much hope to see what may come.

Buy the album now, you owe it to yourself.

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