Ok, so this totaly blew me away. 

From nowhere, an Argentinian demo-band consisting of 4 young kids manages to produces on of the most creative 13 minutes of music i have heard in years. 

So yeah, this is another post-rock band. There is no limit to what they will do sound-wise though, In 13 minutes they create 4 tunes that weirdly blends together so well that i actually have a hard time hearing the “cut” between the two first songs: “Pesadillas” and “Normie”. 
The first is a high-octane instrumental that really reminds me of my favorite band of all time: “Te'”. Energetic, post-rock that is more reminiscent of punk than the more classical sound that bands such as “Explosions in the sky” use for example. 

“Normie” is way more aggressive and are inches away from becoming an hardcore-song. The wall of sound that comes with the howling screech half-way in gives me  an endorphine-boost seldomly felt before. 

“Franuis” is next up and is a beautiful plucked instrumental that is so calm and relaxed that it’s so farfetched to even imagine that the doublebass-pedaled insanity that were “Normie” preceeded it.

“Franuis” reminds me heavily of another great post-rock act that is unfortunatly disbanded since years ago. They were called Dorena and are highly recomended. And in comparion with “Franuis”, Contraseñas might has well been fans of Dorena as well. The highly reverbed guitar tapping, the heavy use of echo. The calm tempo and the spoken-word vocals halfway in makes for a dreamlike sequence. 

“Tiempo Escribó” sums up the EP with a similar calm, expressive and emotional piece. Props for the band for having the courage to use vocals, and especially spanish vocals in this song. A beautiful track to end an excellent album. 

Just go buy it now! Also available to Stream just about everywhere.

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