Until i was handed the link to their new album, Parachute for Gordo were a complete unknown band for me. I knew that the genre (that is so hard to define), that i usualy define as post or math-rock is constantly evolving. Endlessly birthing new and talanted acts. But how Parachute for Gordo had slipped my radar for so long was a mystery. 

“Best understood by children and animals” is their 4th album in the short life-cycle they’ve had. The official bandcamp-site sets 2012 as the “birthdate” of this band this 3-piece is said to stem from “the cultural capitals of Aldershot, London and Berlin”. 

This album was recorded by Mark Roberts. Known for working band such as Delta Sleep and The Physics House Band. Which is something to have on ones resumé when working with band such as Parachute for Gordo. The soundscape here is quite different then im used to.

Parachute for Gordo starts up as one of the sligthly alternative math-acts. “Google” cites the band as: “Avant Garde Jazz”. Which is not necessarily that far of. (To be abreviated as:) “Best Understood” is a record that combine clean instruments, jazz-like bass-riffs. Drums heriditing more from the “blues”-style of old-school rock and roll rather than Jazz or math-rock. Think of old-school Mono or This Will Destroy You for the somewhat inplication of how the drums in “Best Understood” are performed. 

Otherwise the focus seems to stay on a steady bass-line with few (at least apparent) effects or sound-manipulation. However. I am interested in knowing more about this band “gig-rig”. The pedalboards to be precise. More than a few of these tracks start of fairly clean but end up in a chaotic crescendo of noise and audible-madness. 

It’s quite hard to review this release from track to track. I have experienced “Best Understood” and it’s 7 track’s multiple times. Both as single listenings per song and back to back. And the album deserve’s 40 minutes of your unattanded attention. This band ain’t like the other “post” or “math” act’s today. It’s something else. They could as well play during Jazz de Montréal – festival as well as Arctangent-festival in England. 

This is an interesting experience and while i probably won’t go back to this record on a daily basis; since it demands a special mindset to be appreciated fully. The usage of (in the literal sense) “Wall of noise” is frequent here.
It do deserves your respect as a listener. It’s not for everyone. But if you love the genres mentioned, “out-of-the-box” song making, or just good music. This is probably something you need in your life.

Do check out their new album (as well as their backlog): 
Best Understood By Children and Animals
Pre order it on: http://www.bethshalomrecords.limitedrun.com/products/656005-parachute-for-gordo-best-understood-by-children-and-animals

Best understood by children and animals is released 14 of February 2020.
I am sure more streaming and buying options will ensue later on.

If you want a pre-course then check out the excellent opening track “Dalai Llama”:

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