CLT DRP and their latest release “Without the Eyes” is as subtle as getting hit in the face by a sledgehammer. 

To be frank; to make the release justice other than saying “listen to the lyrics” i have to mention i mainly focus on song-structures, melodies, song-building rather than lyrics and their meaning. CLT DRP is new to me. But it does not take long to notice the lyrics is filled to the brim with personal experiences and a lot of politics. The lead singer is not afraid to tell her opinions on how women is seen upon and how that has affected her. If i understand it correctly there is a lot of self-reflection on this album. 
It’s impossible to analyze a persons inner thought’s rather than it gives a different cadence than normal when utilizing female vocals on a rock-album. Also, when (Daph) sings out and either screams or sings through the diaphragm i get goosebumps. She got some power that gives some songs such as Zoom 20 and Where the boys are a different force in it’s approach.
Otherwise the vocals are handled with a rhythm and pace more akin to free-flow rap or spoken-word. Or something more in between. A more realistic comparison would be a 2020 equivalent to Zack de la Rocha (most famous from Rage against the Machine).

Well… rock album is a stretch. There is as much relations to the noise-rock scene, EBM and to be honest a bit of djent in the mix. The overall sound is Indie-rock blended with atonal electronica and a lot of bass. The soundscape is truly experimental.

Without the Eyes is something that is hard to grasp for me really. There is obviously a lot of musicianship, love, talent and care behind this record. But it is widely something entirely different than i am ordinarily used to. I have a hard time describing what i feel about it. Other than it’s widely appreciated by me that there is another “Fuck you i won’t do what you tell me” voice out there that through music tries to speak about inequality and it’s complete absurdity. I have missed the “In your face” mentality that Rage against the machine had. And i am glad CLT DRP carries the torch, in their own way.

I stand by my opinion that this is if Rage against the machine where crossbred with The Prodigy (in lack of better reference on my end).

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The album is out 15th May 2020. Support your artists in these times. Buy the record

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