I seriously love how many interesting, creative and unusal artists are coming into my life right now. I got the opportunity to listen to the latest of a band called Wild Cat Strike. “Mustard Coloured Years” is a 5 track album being released 17 of April 2020. This is a real Enigma of an album due to the plethora of influences that creates a mixtures of sounds, melodies and lyrics that are riding the soundwaves between bands such as: Mogwai, First Aid Kit, Bon Iver, The Smashing Pumpkins and Godspeed You Black Emperor. 

This band kind’s of ruins my OCD. When trying to analyze and compose a trail of thoughts about a band i have never heard before or a album i have never heard before i always try to think of similarities to artists that i already know of. “Mustard Coloured Years” is a album full of sounds, emotions and notes that are (in lack of better words) Nostalgic. Nostalgic to one with a love for the “alternative” genres of rock. This band, their sound are completely new to me but yet so. So similar to things i have heard before. It’s a great compilation of some of the bands i have learned to love during my first years of really appreciating music. Yet they seem to offer something new. It’s impossible to give a more coherent review of “Mustard Coloured Years” than this.

This album truly feels familiar, yet so new. It’s bleak and sad. But i feel content listening to it. This album made me feel weird, yet balanced.

Listen to it on April 17 and see if you agree with me. 
Listen to the opening track here: 

Pre-order the album here.


And i would like to thank http://wallofsoundpr.co.uk/ for the review-ep.

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