Soooo. This review became quite delayed because of many reasons. Some which you probably can figure out by yourself. 

Here we go. 

Doom (16) is and was one of my all time favorite FPS-titles. And for one who don’t particularly enjoy FPS this is quite a statement. I can’t remember how many hours i have spent on Doom (16). The visuals, the excellent soundtrack that blend the best from Nine inch Nails and Meshuggah. As well as the extremely intense combat system that have a focus on high-speed killing, combo chains and trial and error gaming.  
In a way Doom(16) took the best from modern, western FPS, took some elements from old-school FPS titles and blended it perfectly with Japanese style action/combo-building a’la Devil May Cry or Bayonetta. 

Which is why i think Doom Eternal is quite a disappointment in a way. When Doom(16) created something entirely new by blending the best from the west and the east Doom Eternal is 100% a old-school shooter in new clothing. The gameplay is 5% Puzzling. 95% Shoot everything that moves without much thought on tactics or skill-building as Doom(16) did. 

Where half of the fun with Doom(16) was to perfect ones skills, create the largest chains so one can regenerate ammo and health. Eternal is by all means also a trial in gameplay skills. But a completly different one. Since i am more into action/highscore/combo/callitwhatyawant kind of games rather than the “Bullet Hell” type of person. I find Eternal a piece of gaming that is amazingly perfected to what it is supposed to be. It’s just not what i expected from the sequel to my favorite FPS of all time. 

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