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comes a release from a Liverpool-based (so called) “Post-Hardcore” act called Decay. I got the opportunity to listen to their upcoming, first full-length “Staring at the sun” which is released just about everywhere the 10th of July. 
Find physical copies and pre-order the album here.

For a band that calls themself “post-hardcore” i find references and influences to a lot of other act’s that i should not constitute as “post-hardcore” persay.

Let me explain myself. I expected something high-octane, distorted wall of sounds, fast riffing and shouts and screams. 

Some songs gives me the “Refused”, “Gallows” or “Envy” vibes i expected. Like the song “Ache”, with vocals spouting out lyrics in a typical punk-rock fashion, all whilst the 2/4 drum beat and quick 4/4 riffage ensues. All beautifully interwoven with a off-beat refrain that gives the song a nice “swing” to it. Just before the last bridge to include a spoken-word vocal-solo with a sweet, sweet 90’s style: “shoegazy” instrumental-intermission.

There are basicly way more connections to bands such as The Smashing Pumpkins and Silversun Pickups. But as i will soon get into there are sort of a split-personality in the sound where some songs goes way into “The Offspring” and “Blink 182”.

All though the band switches things up by having such a typical modern punk-rockish song as “Ache” just to be followed by a emo-rockish ballad in the next song “Feel better”. 

The influences to 90’s alt-rock movement is strong here. The tremolo-pickings “post-rock style” to the classic alt-rock vocals which is to be honest a more melodic way of using spoken word than anything. The melodic parts is hidden in the nuances of the guitars and the bass and the vocals (to they are really nice and are really pleasant for the type of music provided) is not really the instrument that is pushing the songs forward. I am trying hard to focus on the lyrics themself but gets caught up in the overall soundscape more than anything. And since the overall style is not really that melodic there is the small details in the songs that gets me caught. Like the spoken-word bridge in “Ache”, or the wonderful harmonies by the guitars during the titular “Staring at the sun”.

This album is at it’s best when it brings forth the nostalgic feelings of yesteryear, using textures most common in pre 2000’s alt-rock. But there are more than a few songs that gets a bit overshadowed because they reminds me more of mid 2000’s american skate-punk than the early “shoegaze-rock” that i think suits the band the best. I don’t say that they more American skate-rock songs are bad, but they are a bit bland. it’s a hard genre to explore and there is so important to keep your special sound to stand out. For example, the Japanese band “One ok rock” have more or less always been in the wasteland between alt-rock and american skate-rock. But in their early years the emphasis on individuality where so intense that the songs stood out. When One ok rock became larger abroad one might say that the sound became a more “generic sounding” type of american alt/skate-rock. 

I do like the overall sound of Decay and since they are still in their early, early years i do hope they develop their nostalgic, yet interesting sound even further. I am not sure that this album will stick with me years to come. But i am sure that some of their upcoming releases might be future gems in my playlists.

I am excited to see where this band may head in the future. 
Even if this really not my cup of tea, the quality is there and i have no trouble seeing them opening up for similar bands on an upcoming U.S. Tour.

Be sure to check out the album and if you like it, pre-order the album. Especially in these times the artists need our support.

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