*sighs of relief* 

*nostalgia kicks in at the opening track “Sail Away”*

*The Chon-esque math-rockyness with the light-hearted rhytm parts that reminds me of similar “contemporary jazz/math-rock” acts such as Covet makes my mathy heart flutter with content. The vocalist reminds me of something that that feels really familiar yet completly unknown. Something i imagine the sweet, sweet lovemaking sounds of Morrisey and Robert Smith having a night together. All while being accompanied by a large draft of since long forgotten vinyls of days since long past*. And this was just the opening track. WHOLY GEEZ. What a track it was. It’s going to be hard to beat this one. 

Track 1: Sail Away is by far the best song on this record. The utter chaos and intense harmonies makes everything stick out. But still find each other in the end, in a pattern perfectly sticking to the beat of the drums. Back and forth are “chaos” and “comfortable” dancing non-stop for 3 minutes and 44 seconds. 


Track 2: Documentaries. Did not have that much impact on me. The influences and soundscapes are way more defined and balanced here. (I never expected to say that a well-balanced soundscape might not always be a strength). In a time when Brit-Pop was between the borderlands of New-Wave and Oasis. This is how “Documentaries” sound. To bad it’s the title track since it’s the track hardest to get a hold of (if you catch my drift). 

Track 3: And where have you gone, Mr Wolf. I still have not gotten over the ultimate madness, (oh sorry. I meant bliss) that where Sail Away. So “Mr. Wolf” have a hard time going through as much. But to be honest. It’s a really good song. Mr. Wolf is a classic late 80’s alt-rock piece by the British band that tried to get into the Seattle scene just a few years to early. The lyrics is something i have yet to even get into. Mr. Wolf is by far the most subtle piece of lyric The Long Faces have on this release. It’s really something i did not see coming and it would be somewhat “robbing you of your experience” if i analyzed it to far. If you don’t notice it then it’s fine. But if you get into the meaning behind the sung words then you find a story worthy of your attention. 

Buy / Stream the EP when it comes out 10 July 2020 and do not forget to help your favorite bands in this weird, weird times we live in. 


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