Back from some absence i come back with some new things to talk/rant/cherish.

Latest piece of new music i heard was a EP from the Hull based (it’s ok, i needed to Google “Hull” as well. It seems to be a small town in East Yorkshire, England. Which seems to be a small, but lovely port-town.

Anyway! The band seems to often be described as “Post-hardcore”. All while from time to time being hailed as a band that is the perfect choice to those who would like stuff similar to Gallows (Frank Carter-Era).

I’m not really a big Gallows fan, but i am a fan of Post-Hardcore and the PostHardcore/Death and roll-ish type of rock that Frank has (maybe not invented) but close to perfected with his latest “Frank Carter and The Rattlesnakes”.

So it’s easy to say that my hype was real when i got my hands on the new “NEWMEDS” release: ” Nothing Is Heavier Than The Mind “. Especially since i heard this is the band’s “heaviest” release to date.

This 3 track EP starts of with the song that share it’s name with the album.
Instrumentaly it sounds like Gallows, Rattlesnakes, Refused or similar genre-equivalents.
To be fair “Nothing Is Heavier Than The Mind” is a track that is fine by all means. But quite bland. To be “heavy” is not just to have loads of distortion, fast drums and screams. There needs to be some texture, either in the vocals or in the instrumental bits. Contextualy the composition seems way to generic. Everything from the basic “Hardcore 101-riffs” to the vocal melodies that is quite monotone.
That is until the final bridge. Here we get a healthy re-vigorating
key-change, the guitars (counting the bass) get’s a boost tonaly. The vocals gets more interesting with it’s almost “arpegiated” tonality that rises until the end of the song. I get that the point of a finishing a song is to giving it the “final kick” it might need. But when the first parts that shows signs of the bands unique personality just starts to show more than 70% into the opening track i feel it might be a bad song for those (like me) that has yet to hear the band.

The next track “Twenty Three” is a piece that is a typical “2/4” drumbeat with a monotone guitar-riff, pumping bass and no big surprises really. Call it a “moshpit-starter” and you would not be wrong. And it’s hard to give bad ratings to a song which sole purpose is to give the audience an opportunity to release some endorphins, all without any interuptions or breaks. It does the job.

To finish the EP “High Life” gives us nice Refused-like guitars. And a nice syncopated feel between the instrumentals and the vocals in the chorus. It’s a good hardcore song which honestly gave a good representation on what i thought the band would sound like.

What i would like to hear in the future from them is actually more grit.
If you play post-hardcore the mix can’t sound this clean. A little bit of reverb on the vocals, maybe a nice over-dub where the vocals can maybe scream a bit higher or lower in pitch. And don’t be afraid to give the bass some more overdrive. If a band wants to take Frank Carter as a inspiration another thing is to give the vocals a bigger range (which is obviously a hard thing to do). But a range more in the veins of the end-part of “The only thing heavier” would be an amazing addition to the bands sound. All while giving the screams more desperation, emotion (call it what you will).

I know that the vocalist of NEWMEDS can handle it since he ticks every box right during the last (you’ve guessed it) bridge and chorus of the final song “The High Life”.

All and all a decent EP. But the good parts that differentiates them from other bands in the genre gets buried in the typical “post-hardcore textures” that is there because it feels like the band perhaps are just about finding their individual personas?.

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