Well that was a mouthful!

Try saying this for yourself a couple of times without studder: “That Lonely Taciturn Satellite – Psykhopompos”, “That Lonely Taciturn Satellite – Psykhopompos”, “That Lonely Taciturn Satellite – Psykhopompos”.

This site may not pay a single dime yet but how i do love getting in contact with all the amazing acts that i have covered during the last year.
Now i found this new act with the un-speakable abomination of a bandname. Which to be honest is a hallmark if you play the kind of music where every second is a challenge for the senses.

Enough talking about the amazing bandname. I try to find info about this act but the only presence that is available on the internet is on their Facebook page, which tells me nothing. Having a anonymous stage persona is quite intriguing and all but to be able to reach some audience today, some backlore / info is always a good thing to have. It’s so sad that every musician today also have to be a copywriter and an expert on modern means of advertisement. But unfortunatly this is the world we live in.

It is especially sad in the case of That Lonely Taciturn Satellite. Hearing this EP makes it apparent that this is a new band, which is nothing wrong. The mix and mastering is far from perfect, there is a lot of checkmarks on my “Math-rock 101” list that i can check with this EP. Interesting chord-structures. Wierdly composed synth arpeggios and loads of noise and effect-pedal fidgeting. Since i am not really a music theory buff i don’t have the means to explain everything clearly but during “Phlegeton” there is some apparent playfulness with both re-using previous snippets of melody to use it as a sort of bridge between the songs, like a narrator filling in the blanks between the different scenes of a stageplay. There is also alternative scales that are being used throughout the EP but to go into further details on that would be to steep of a hill to climb at my current level.

There are some expressive and unusual takes on the genre that is going on in this album. This is far from a generic math-rock album, but there is a thing that bugs me.

Cocytus is a freaking banger of a song, and something that truly would make an epic dance-mosh if performed correctly.

But the recording of this EP does not make That Lonely Taciturn Satellite im afraid. Since there is literaly nothing to be found about this artist except for this EP i have to do all of my criticm based on what i think about this album. And when most of the instruments are performed with default instruments of a DAW it takes away a bit of the charm for me. There is some talent behind the composition but i would like a complete remaster of the EP. Try to “beef” things up with some compressors, there are tons of free synths, bass and guitar amps to use for whatever Music program you are using.

Making music at home is both a blessing and a curse, you can completly eliminate the need for a studio tech, an external person to do the mix and master as well as all the people needed to do marketing and distribution. But then you need to train on these things yourself.

With a rehaul of the mix/mastering to lessen the slight mudiness that is now apparent on this album. As well as finding free (so called) VST’s for synths, bass amps as well as guitar amps… Don’t forget a decent compressor and limiter as well. Then this could be a excellent debut EP for a band that is obviously talented (and by all means have something most other musician dont have) which is a individual sound.
Do this and release this album again and i will be proud to call myself your first international fan.

Good luck and dont give up! =)



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