Boom! A Math-rock band that has a name that is easy to prononce.
This Swedish guy says “THANK YOU”. You made my work way easier.

Sooooo, what is Programmed to Suck? a short 7 minute epic of adrenaline and 90’s american emo-angst.
Just to get that out of the way, i never really got sold by the American punk-rock vocal style of singing and screaming. But this vocalist obviously knows his shit and especially during Cockroach you can get a hint of the guys range. Backed up by backing vocals and this surely does it job.

But the charm of this little nihilistic nugget of goodness is the instrumentals. Oh holy geez. The drummer is an absolute beast and are just a few years to young from a competition with other Behemoth’s of the genre such as Blake Mostyn from Delta Sleep. As a bass player / drummer myself i have to give the rhytm-section some props. That being said, the bass player is the one that is more laid-back on this release. But by all means do a good job. Love the bass tone in the song “Birdbrain”.

Regarding Birdbrain, it’s the second song on this release. A good song but is overtly overshadow by the absolute banger of a piece called “Cockroach”. Holy fudge this is a good song, and if the tonality of the vocals would have matched this could might as well been a Delta Sleep tune in terms of composition, production and execution.

For such a “new” band as this, the overall wall of sound (as i love to describe it) is developed nicely and without knowing their entire schedule i would not be surprised if Arctangent or any other festival already would have booked them a few times. I could see them making quite a ruckus in the muddy tents.

Really am keen to hear more from you fellas.

Links to the album and all the socials here.

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