Ok, did i say that the UK is on fire right now?

From Southhampton comes Sketchshow, a 5 piece act which is fairly knew. If this would not been detailed in the artist bio i’ve read i would have never guessed it.


1: The mix is insane. Often a hard thing to agree upon is on which level every band member is supposed to be on when talking about studio recordings. The stringed instruments are perfectly balanced where the guitars melt together when they symbioticly play their riffs. The bass is always noticed, never in a way that is clashing with the other instruments. The drums are placed in a way which is separate from the others but never hidden away. The vocals don’t really take the front, center whatcha might want to call it. But instead are counted as the leading instrumental together with the guitars. Bravo! Kudos to the studio-personell on this one.

2: The vocals. The thing with math-rock (sorry but we are back at this genre again, it’s not that i am obsessed. There is just so many incredible new music that comes tied to this type of sound right now). The vocalist has a really neat and personal sound. It’s a voice that fits obviously for math-rock, a voice that is used to obtruse song structures and alien phrasings. But could might as well be found singing in a smoky jazz-club or in front of a brass-band. Also, i try to come up with references to where i recognize the tonality from. Björk comes closest in mind belive it or not. The vocalist have a really unique timbre and i really do hope she continues to sing for a long time, no matter what happens to this band in the future?

Chrysalis as a song itself is a good composition by all means. It’s not a “killer – app” (sorry but i just got back to working in the software business). But where the song don’t catch my attention the band surely does. I did not know anything of them previously to hearing Chrysalis, and i did not hear any other of their previous work before posting this. But i will surely check out them further.


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