Not to get political or something. But in the “rock/metalband per capita” charts Sweden is often on the absolute top due to the immense amounts of bands, artist alike that hold the Rock/Metal spirit afloat. This is about to change. Especially during these times when musicians have to bend themselfs backward to even find the opportunity to create new pieces of art.

The UK seem to have been breeding way more bands then most European bands recently. May this been due to different looks upon the importance of nourishment in culture in a post-covid world? Perhaps.

Either way, the fact is that there have been loads and loads of great artists coming from the UK recently. Torus have been making music for quite some time, but until recently it was basicly a solo-project. A “One man-band” so to speak. This have changed with the latest song High Rope.

The stoner-rock is strong with this one. Everything from the mandatory cowbell percussion to the slightly wheezy, dried out vocals. Simple but effective guitar riffs and this makes a good example of how 70’s rock have evolved with modern semantics.

A Queens of the stone age for the 2020’s?
Maybe. The influences are surely apparent, i’ve yet to hear Torus previous works but it would be interesting to see where they go from here. I like this sound that is made famous by the previously mentioned “Queens of the stone age”, as well as most bands by the front-man Josh Homme. But when Josh have refined the sound to incorporate blues elements, modern rockabilly and some noise rock i do wonder what steps Torus will take ahead?

I do like High Rope but don’t get caught in the trap of repeating the same formula again. If not constantly re-inventing the sound one must take a large pride in the lyrics. Lets see which route they will take.

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