From Australia comes Ammamoth. A Stoner/Sludge act which are releasing their Debut LP in March 19, courtesy of Electric Valley Records.

Don’t you miss the good old Doom-Metal made famous by Black Sabbath and Candlemass?
But like me are quite fond of the over-fuzzalised (which is from now on a word) guitar tones where every riff have a slight chance of destroying your speakers (Don’t listen to this kind of music on worn-out headphones).

Melodically Ammamoth stand just in the middle of the melodic sludgers “Skräcködlan” and the Doom-masters of Black Sabbath or Melvins. Vocals are pure howls, i am really not sure if there are any real lyrics at some parts, but i’m not sure it’s even needed. Like with the melodic sections of a Ammamoth song the vocals is there to purvey pure feelings of dread, loneliness and doom. Pure technicality is not needed. Ammamoth is not Jazz, it’s Blues. It’s not technicality. It’s mood caught on tape.
This album is like sitting alone in an abbandoned bar in the middle of the desert, gulping down the last few drops of whiskey just to have the energy to go on. The energy to reach the end, to find the goal which might not even exist.

Favorite song is the really depressive “Rise” which sounds like if Black Sabbath had gone into a psychosis whilst getting lost after a peyote trip.

The album is released March 19 and can be pre-ordered now.

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