2020 was a weird year to say the least.
For many artists 2020 played the role of a “crossroads” of sorts. Re-invent yourself or perish. In this next phase of the industry there is only Darwin’s law that exist. Eat or be eaten. Adapt or be left forgotten.

Wild Cat Strike is a lovely folk-rock act which i mentioned at this site just about a year ago.

2020 where supposed to be filled with gig’s furthering their reach outside the UK and EU. The year was supposed to be started with a gig featuring the band as well as their labelmates and friends: Delta Sleep and Orchards. The gig was going to be a first step in a new direction for the band. Changing out the classic “Guitar/Bass/Drums” formula to a more old-school aproach to folk-rock. Banjos, Marimbas, Melodicas and violins.

The gig never happend but the idea was to good to left unsaved.
“The Red Brake Light Sky Sessions” is the result of the project. A re-work of last years “Mustard Coloured Years” but in a new, but wellknown soundscape. Where “Mustard Coloured Years” was the band sitting in a studio using all the quirks a studio-recording can provide. Effects, Audio workstation softwares and such. Now we instead are blessed with a barren landscape that could might as well been greatly overproduced, but are instead left untouched. “The Red Brake Light Sky” is literaly a figment of imagination put down to tape without any unneccessary human interaction.

This EP is recorded individualy at home from each of the members houses during lockdown. The mixer and masterer is a old bandmember named Joe Caple. Joe made the genious decision of leaving the individual recordings as much as possible. I don’t have the words to express it.
But this don’t feel like a record recorded from five places simultaneously throughout the UK. But instead it feels like five old friends that have met for the first time in ages, just taking a weekend off to get to know eachother again. All whilst finaly getting to calm down in a wooden cabin so far out from the civilisation that every strummed guitar echoes and reverberates into the surrounding forest. There is nothing around us that can hurt us and there is only you and me, there is only us that matters right now.

Music is emotions. And these emotions is: “There can be beauty in dark situations”, “Alone is not the same as lonely”, “The only way to go forward is to go inwards”. There are two ways to be able to thrive throughout this horrible last year, and that is to learn from it and try to make the best of all the shit that has been thrown unto us.

To be able to progress as humans we need to take a step back to get to know ourselfs further.

“Red Brake Light Sky Sessions” is released the 26 of march via Small Pond Records.


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